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Improving Postsecondary Data Transparency

There has been a lot of buzz recently calling for institutions of higher education to be more transparent about their programs and their students’ success. We think more transparency is the path to reform, and we are fighting to equip Student Veterans with the best information possible before they pull the trigger on higher education.

The Federal Government requires every school that can receive Federal Student Loans to fill out lengthy, outdated, and cumbersome surveys that do little to capture the effectiveness of their programs or the success of their students. Schools do try to meet the demands of the Federal Government, but can only answer the questions they’re given.

We think the Federal Government is asking the wrong questions to the wrong people. The questions of Cost, Time to Completion, Probability of Completion, and Expected Earnings can all be asked about individual students and individual programs within institutions. The answers to these questions can be provided by the Office of Financial Student Aid (FSA) without burdening schools, while eliminating bureaucracy and human-error.

We are happy to fight for Student Veterans on Capitol Hill to get these questions answered and made readily available. You can read our official white paper on this issue here.