Post 9/11 GI Bill BAH Info

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So you've done it. You've served your country honorably [or you have received benefits from your spouse or parent] and have decided to utilize your hard earned education benefits. Thankfully,…

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Transferring GI Bill Benefits

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The GI Bill Transferability Program gives Servicemembers the opportunity to transfer unused educational benefits to their spouse or children. To take advantage of this program you must meet select requirements…

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Yellow Ribbon Program Benefits

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Veterans deserve to choose the educational program of their choice without having the prospect of costly tuition fees dictate that decision. However, while public colleges are fully covered by the…

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Resources for Student Veterans

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We've posted some helpful resources for Student Veterans over the past couple of weeks. Here is a compilation of those resources: Student Code of Conduct. Many universities and colleges have…

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New Partnership with CollegeRecon

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We're proud to announce a new partnership with CollegeRecon! CollegeRecon is the military and Veteran community’s premier transition resource for individuals looking to utilize their earned benefits in higher education.…

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