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Proud to have Helped Pass the SAVE LIVES Act

We are honored to support The Strengthening and Amplifying Vaccination Efforts to Locally Immunize all Veterans and Every Spouse Act (SAVE LIVES Act) and happy to have played a part in getting it passed. The Veterans Education Project has been an ardent advocate in the passing of this important legislation, which will allow the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to distribute vaccination services to all Veterans, Veteran spouses, caregivers, and dependents at no cost and regardless of their current enrollment in VA health care. Additionally, it urges the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to increase the VA’s vaccine allotment to meet this expanded eligibility pool.

This bipartisan bill follows through on our shared goal of getting more shots into the arms of as many Veterans as possible.

-Chairman Tester

No Veteran should be turned away from getting a vaccine at VA – after today, that doesn’t need to be a concern.

– Chairman Takano

“The SAVE LIVES Act is a critical step forward for the American people in our work to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, return our veterans to the workplace, and regain cultural normalcy,” said the Veterans Education Project Legislative Director Donald Franklin. “This legislation will save veteran lives and protect their families, while promoting veteran employment and education opportunities.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply disrupted the lives of all Americans, including Veterans and their families. Prioritizing the health and safety of our Veterans by ensuring that no Veteran is turned away from receiving vaccination is a significant step forward in returning Veterans to the workplace and ultimately recovering from this pandemic and regaining normalcy.

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