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A House lawmaker has introduced a bill to "terminate" the U.S. Department of Education.

Coalition Letter to Secretary Cardona

We have joined a coalition of Veterans organizations to communicate our apprehensions directly to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona regarding the selection procedures for negotiated rule-making committees (Neg Reg) within the Department of Education. These committees wield significant influence over the educational landscape for all Student Veterans, making it imperative for them to encompass a diverse array of Veteran representation, reflecting a wide spectrum of interests, viewpoints, and experiences. Collectively, we are growing increasingly concerned by the absence of diverse perspectives and voices representing the concerns of Student Veterans within these committees.

A letter dated February 23rd from the Executive Director of the National Defense Committee (NDC), Bob Carey, brought this issue to light. It divulged how Secretary Cardona’s team has repeatedly turned to a sole organization, Veterans Education Success (VES), to serve as the voice for all Veterans during the last 4 negotiated rule-making committees. This overreliance on VES raises valid concerns, especially in light of allegations of bias and unethical conduct as detailed in a 2022 report from the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General, referenced in the NDC communication.

Student Veterans should be able to trust the mechanisms that influence their hard-earned educational entitlements. Those chosen to represent their interests must embody diversity and reflect the wider Veteran community. Why does the Secretary continue to select only one organization for Neg Reg, when countless Veterans and organizations are eager and capable of advocating on behalf of their fellow Veterans on these committees? The persistent selection of the same individual undermines confidence in the fairness, transparency, and integrity of the negotiated rule-making process and its outcomes.

Our coalition is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring equity, openness, and integrity in the processes shaping the educational landscape for our Student Veterans.

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