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Veteran Education Stories – Paul Newbecker

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We’ve spent some time talking with Student Veterans about their experiences obtaining and using their GI Bill for the education benefits they’ve earned. This is Paul’s experience:

“Being able to use my educational benefits since I got out, it’s always kind of been hard just figuring out the path of how to at least get them. When I got out, there was nobody that really knew how to fill the paperwork out, what channels to go through, who to even talk to.  When I went to my first trade school, they really helped me figure it out but when I went to my next school, they had maybe dealt with like 2 Veterans before and so I had to kind of fill in for what they didn’t know.”

Paul Newbecker

We’re working with schools AND Veterans Affairs to make using earned educational benefits easier for Veterans like Paul! Learn more about all the work we do to support Veterans!