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Politicians are Stopping Veterans from Using Their Benefits

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The “85/15 Rule” is a regulation from the Department of Veterans Affairs that restricts the amount of Veterans who can use their benefits at a school to only 85% of a Graduating Class. This unnecessary restriction was designed to protect Veterans but instead, it is hurting Veterans ability to access their benefits at the schools they want to go to. We’ve been visiting schools across the country and talking with Student Veterans to hear why they choose to go to the schools they attend, and the thing we see time and again is that the schools that are doing the best job serving Veterans attract more Veterans and become in danger of breaking the 85% regulation. What sense does it make to penalize a school for serving our nation’s heroes well and why would we want to keep take-away benefits from Veterans simply because they chose to go to a school that many of their fellow Veterans attend?

Join us in the fight to change this antiquated regulation!

Since launching the video we have been hearing back from a lot of Veterans who are also being hurt by 85-15, here’s a quote from one of them…

“I just don’t understand who comes up with these ideas and how they think it is a benefit to the end user. This only hurts veterans like myself, and our ability to increase our earning potential and quality of life for our families. They definitely don’t consider the service member when implementing such disastrous laws.

I have already lost five brothers in arms since deploying here a month ago and my focus should be on coming home alive and with all my limbs and not worrying about how I am going to complete my degree program while this imprudent rule is in effect. ”

– SFC James Allen Army National Guard
19th SFG(A) Deployed Afganistan

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