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Making it Easier for Veterans to Get the Debt Relief They Need

Over the recent years the government has been seeking repayment on $1 billion in student loans from more than 40,000 Troops who are eligible to have had those debts forgiven. Through a program called Total and Permanent Discharge (TPD), these Veterans are all eligible to have the entirety of their William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans (Direct Loan) Program loans, Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL) Program loans, and/or Federal Perkins Loans (Perkins Loan) Program loans forgiven. Even though all of these Veterans were eligible for relief, many had not begun the process to apply for the TPD process.

Recognizing that many of these Veterans may be paralyzed, physically disabled or facing brain injuries that would make going through the bureaucratic process near impossible, the White House signed an Executive Order on August 21st 2019 that automatically enrolls Veterans who are known to be eligible for TPD immediately, removing the burdensome debts from the backs of the Heroes who have sacrificed the most.

This is huge news and we are incredible happy that so many are going to be helped so much!

If you think you may be eligible for TPD or you know someone who might be check out some information here: What is TPD?

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