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Accelerated Programs for Veterans

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Student Veterans are not like your typical 18-year-old freshman. Veterans just starting school are older on average, have families, and full-time jobs. Because of a Student Veteran’s unique needs and desire to transition to the workforce quickly, we hear from tons of Veterans asking us about where they can find Schools that offer accelerated programs. Not only do these programs get students graduated faster but they are also taught at a pace that is familiar to Veterans. Student Veterans enrolled in these programs tell us how much they love that these programs are hands-on and fast-paced just like military instruction is.

But don’t take our word for it! Listen to these Student Veterans tell you themselves.

Student Veterans love Accelerated Programs because it helps them graduate faster and the pace is so similar to military training. We call upon all of Higher Education to serve our Veterans and offer more accelerated programs to our Vets!

If you’re interested in learning more about these programs, LET US KNOW!