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Ensuring the Guard Receives the Benefits They’ve Earned

Today, May 22nd, The House of Representatives has introduced legislation that will guarantee National Guard Servicemembers the benefits they deserve, despite administrative attempts to deny them education and retirement benefits with a 90-day loophole. Hurdles to qualify for benefits have been in place against members of the National Guard for decades, deliberately cutting their orders to 89 days in order to deny them the benefits they should earn each year. Since March, members of the National Guard have heroically served our nation in response to the pandemic brought on upon Covid-19, placing themselves on the very front lines to carry the extra burden placed upon health care workers, hospitals, and communities.

When we became aware of this shameless tactic to deny our Servicemembers the education benefits they deserve, we called upon Congress to honor our heroes and remove the 90-day loophole. We are proud to support the National Guard COVID-19 Earned Benefits Guarantee Act, and believe this bipartisan legislation will make sure our Servicemembers receive the benefits they deserve.

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