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The NDAA Must Protect the Rights of Student Veterans

As the new National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) nears completion and passage in the halls of Congress we want to thank the leadership within the Senate for resisting the partisan politics that have been putting Veterans and their families in danger of losing access to the benefits they earned. We have been raising the alarm about how unproven and untested regulations fueled by partisan politics could potentially harm Student Veterans and their family. We have met with Student Veterans who have told us directly to protect their freedom to go to whatever school they feel is right for them. We have written a letter urging both chambers of Congress not to pass any changes to the current 90/10 regulation without first studying the impact this change could have.

We have written to the members of the U.S. Senate thanking them for not playing politics and choosing instead to support our Veterans with their version of the NDAA. We are now calling on the House of Representatives to follow suit and remove this possibly disastrous policy change from the NDAA.

Read our letter HERE!