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American Institutes for Research Study to Support Veterans

Today’s military is more diverse than ever and we want to hear those voices. Currently, there is a study being conducted by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) that we’re excited to support! This vital research will study the impact on current and former Servicemembers when they do not receive the educational credit they deserve from their military training and experience. The Veterans Education Project is proud to give its full-throated support, and we ask all of our members to consider participating and sharing with their contacts.

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In 2017, 43% of active duty Servicemembers identified as Black, Asian, Hispanic, or other. Right now, we’re looking to hear from these individuals to better understand their perspective and lived experiences in order to create change that will reflect their needs.

We’re happy to help bring attention to this incredibly important AIR study and we thank them for their commitment to ensuring that the voices of Student Veterans are heard.