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Veterans Education Stories – Jason Oakes

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We’re traveling all over The United States working with Student Veterans to understand their experiences with transitioning into higher education and what it’s like using the GI Bill for the education benefits they’ve already earned. We’re sharing stories of Veterans in education and this is Jason’s experience:

“Starting my education, I pretty much had to be hand-held by my wife to do any sort of paperwork, because there’s no guidance, there’s no tools, no anything to really help you out. In addition to that, I kept mentioning I was a veteran, and eventually got pointed in the direction of SGLI services, some sort of veteran services that were on campus. I talked to them, and I was able to set up an appointment the following week to fill out the paperwork, to put my classes in there, and once I filled out that form, it was a lot smoother. Once I was able to be guided, I knew the process.” Jason Oakes

Veterans often need the help of Veteran-specific services to understand and use their education benefits, so having experienced staff on campus is a necessity. We’re working with the Department of Veterans Affairs and institutions of higher education to make navigating higher education easier for Student Veterans around the country. We want to help Veterans like Jason and Nate, Simon and many others with their transition into higher education! Learn more about all the work we do to support Veterans!

Photo by Gregory Ferko Photography.