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COOL Program Available to Members of the Armed Forces

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Have you ever heard of the Credentialing Opportunities On-Line program also known as “COOL” by the DOD? Similar to the Tuition Assistance benefits, which the Department of Defense administers for active Servicemembers, the COOL program was created to enable members of the armed forces to obtain professional credentials that translate into civilian occupations while serving in the armed forces.

The COOL program is available to every branch of the armed services, and holistically supports Servicemembers during their study. From classroom instruction and hands-on training, to manuals, study guides and materials, textbooks, processing fees, and test fees: all the often-overlooked necessities to be successful in a credentialing program have been considered and will be provided.

Additionally, since many occupations require more than one certificate in order to qualify, the COOL program allows Servicemembers to acquire more than one credential within their allotted subsidy of $4,500. Advisors are available to help Servicemembers determine which credentials to pursue for their occupation of choice. So what are you waiting for? If you are currently active in the armed services, consider utilizing your COOL benefits today, and be fully prepared for the workforce before ever stepping off base!


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