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The GI Bill is an Entitlement, Not a Bonus

Today the US House of Representatives has introduced legislation that will protect the rights of Veterans and the benefits they have rightfully earned. This year we have been pressing policymakers to act on behalf of Veterans to protect the educational benefits that Servicemembers and their families rely on. In contrast to these values, the Department of Defense has proposed a change in policy that would restrict Veterans from transferring their post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits to their families. When we heard about this change we called on Congress to enshrine this vital benefit in law so that all Servicemembers could rest easy knowing they would be able to pass down a life-changing educational benefit to their families. In September the Senate introduced the TEA Act which we wholeheartedly support; it is our hope that, with this bi-partisan companion bill in the House, we will soon see the protection that Veterans deserve passed into law.

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