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Roundtable Webinar: Impacts of Changing 90/10

Last week, we released a study highlighting the impacts of changing the 90/10 rule. Among other findings, the study revealed that the proposed changes to 90/10 could have far-reaching unintended consequences that greatly impact military students.

Today, we’re hosting a webinar with Paul Fain, the former editor of Inside Higher Ed, and AEI Fellow Jason Delisle regarding his research on modifying the 90/10 rule to include Veterans and Military Students. There will be an interview about this research, followed by a Q&A session.

You can now watch the full webinar discussion and Q&A HERE!

Topic: Collateral Damage
Description: The Veterans Education Project in collaboration with Jason Delisle (Visiting Fellow at AEI) have released research that studies the impact of the “90/10 Rule” and any potential changes to the rule will have on the quality of education for Student Veterans. Paul Fain will be Interviewing Jason Delisle followed by a Q & A session.
Time: 2:00pm ET


Here are some key points of the research:

  • An estimated 333 institutions would fail the 90/10 rule if it is modified to 85/15 and includes veterans’ and Servicemembers’ benefits.
  • An estimated 87 institutions would fail a modified rule set at 90/10.
  • An estimated 100,000 veterans and Servicemembers will be affected by modifying the 90/10 rule to include DoD and VA benefits and shifting the ratio to 85/15.
  • 299,000 students total are estimated to be at risk of losing access to student aid or benefits.
  • Of the institutions that will fail a modified 90/10 rule, substantial amounts of institutions report student outcomes on-par with or better than public institutions.