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Supporting the Veteran Education Empowerment Act

The Veterans Education Project has been a long-time advocate for Veteran Student Centers in institutions of higher education and the authorization of Congressional funding that is needed to establish them. 

We understand and are aware of the significant challenges that Veterans face when transitioning from the battlefield to the classroom, including age differences and family and financial obligations that can evoke a sense of isolation. Centers that are tailored to address the unique needs of Veteran students would greatly help in overcoming these challenges and improve the enrollment and completion rate of Veteran students overall. However, due to lack of funding for these kinds of resources, Veteran-friendly spaces have been historically hard to come by at most colleges and crucial resources tend to be difficult to access.  

We are excited to announce that legislation is moving forward in support of ensuring more Student Veteran Centers in the form of the Veteran Education Empowerment Act. This legislation would provide the funding needed to establish these critical spaces of support that Veterans deserve. This is a major step toward providing the necessary benefits and support systems for Veteran and military students to succeed within American higher education.  

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