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Transferring GI Bill Benefits

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The GI Bill Transferability Program gives Servicemembers the opportunity to transfer unused educational benefits to their spouse or children. To take advantage of this program you must meet select requirements set by the Department of Defense in addition to qualifying for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Am I eligible to transfer benefits?

In order to be able to transfer your educational benefits to an immediate family member, the following requirements must be met:

  • You’ve completed at least 6 years of service
  • You agree to commit to 4 more years of service
  • You must be on active duty at the time of requesting the transfer and during approval
  • The person receiving the benefits has enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

Using My Transferred Benefits

You have control over your benefits, even after you’ve transferred them to a family member. This means you can reallocate the benefits among family members, revoke those benefits at any time, and return them to yourself. When you share your GI Benefits with a family member, they are subject to the following guidelines:

Your Spouse:

  • May use the benefit immediately 
  • May use the benefit while you’re on active duty or after separation from service
  • Is not eligible for the monthly housing allowance or books and supplies stipend while you’re on active duty
  • May use the benefit for up to 15 years after your separation from active duty

Your Child:

  • May begin to use the benefit only after you’ve completed at least 10 years of service
  • May use the benefit while you’re on active duty or after separation from service
  • Can’t use the benefit until they’ve gotten a high school diploma or certificate, or have reached 18 years of age
  • Is eligible for the monthly housing allowance and books and supplies stipend even when you’re on active duty
  • Can’t use the benefit after reaching turned 26 years of age

How do I Transfer My Benefits?

While still serving on active duty, you can request to transfer, change, or revoke a Transfer of Entitlement through milConnect. Once the Department of Defense approves the Transfer of Entitlement, your family members may apply for benefits