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University Shoutout: University of Texas at Austin!

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The Veterans Education Project recognizes the University of Texas at Austin and its Veteran and Military Affiliated Services office for its service to our Nation’s military-affiliated student population.

UT Austin is one of the few post-secondary educational institutions to openly share information on readmission rights with their students. In effect, UT Austin is pointing its student Servicemembers to the state law and saying “here is exactly how to sue us.” This is an understandably bold move and deserves applause. With an ever-increasing demand being placed on members of the National Guard and Reserve, students with reserve military obligations face difficult choices throughout their academic semesters.

Furthermore, UT Austin conspicuously shares its National Guard and Reserve Activation Procedures for all to see; an example other universities may soon follow. Specifically, UT Austin policy cites section 51.9111 of the Texas Education Code, Excused Absence for Active Military Service.

As one of a handful of states with established laws in this area, Texas leads the Nation by ensuring student Servicemembers can fully participate “in active military service to which the student is called” and not fear that their service will negatively impact their education. Moreover, student Servicemembers are given additional time to complete academic assignments. UT Austin echoes the Texas state legislature’s intent by ensuring Servicemembers have the resources they need to be successful in the face of short-term military activations like the Army’s eight-day Equal Opportunity Leaders Course.

UT Austin leads the education sector with its many advances on behalf of student Servicemembers.

Thanks for setting the example, UT Austin.


Matt FeehanMatthew Feehan is a graduate student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and a graduate of Western New England University School of Law. He is not an attorney and his views are his own. He focuses his research and writing on Veterans’ higher education issues.

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