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Dedicated Pathways For Student Veterans

If you are a student Veteran then you probably look back on your time in service and wonder what all those hours of training added up to. You could argue that it gives you an edge since you’ll have a different perspective from your classmates and probably a more disciplined approach to your studies. However, it is not clear that universities always recognize the value of all those hours of training. Surely there is a more concrete way to evaluate the time you spent in the military?

In fact, our military has incredibly detailed records of every hour you’ve spent in any kind of training or tuition during your service. It should not be difficult to translate all that time into real credit hours, thereby allowing Veterans & Servicemembers to graduate faster. Military students are more likely than civilian students to have obligations that compete with their studies, such as careers and family.

It does not make sense to keep them in school longer than is necessary before they can enter the workforce and provide for their loved ones. Instead, schools should be building dedicated pathways for student Veterans and Servicemembers that account for all the training in their years of service.

Listen to our Legislative Director, Donald Franklin, to learn more: