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New Legislation Will Help Veterans Enter the Modern Workforce

We are excited to announce our support for H.R.1592, or the Cybersecurity Skills Integration Act. This bill will integrate cybersecurity training into degree pathways that will greatly aid our nation’s Student Veterans looking to transition into the workforce while taking advantage of their prior military training. Creating more accessible and streamlined opportunities that allow Servicemembers to transition and enter the civilian workforce will help both Veterans and their communities.

Congressman Glen Thompson explained that,

“This bill ensures we are protecting our sensitive data and critical infrastructure from bad actors, and this bill is the first step in the right direction. By enabling our Student Veterans to have the most sophisticated and comprehensive educational programs out there, we will be better prepared to protect our most critical systems and assets.”

We hope that the rest of Congress will follow Rep. Thompson’s leadership and commitment to Veterans and pass this vital legislation without delay.

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