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Creating a Better GI Bill Calculator

We are calling on Congress to make an official request of the Departments of Education (ED) and Veterans Affairs (VA) to begin sharing data with each other so that research can be done to help Veterans and their families choose the programs and schools that are right for them. Student-level data can be found in ED and VA, but their data is isolated from one another, which prevents the ability to assess how well Student Veterans are performing within specific programs and schools. Unfortunately, there is not yet a formal way to enable this type of data sharing, making it impossible to analyze the current use of the Post-9/11 GI Bill or determine its return on investment from the American Taxpayer. As a result, Veterans and family members utilizing the Post-9/11 GI Bill sometimes enroll in programs with low student success rates.

By sharing data, VA could create a better GI Bill Calculator that would show Student Veterans the estimated return on investment of their education benefits at specific programs, empowering Student Veterans to enroll in trustworthy programs that are best for them.

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