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Student Veterans Deserve for All Higher Ed Institutions to be Held to the Same High Standard

We amplify the voices of Student Veterans by championing nonpartisan research, engagement, and policy implementation, which support institutions that serve these deserving students with excellence. As veterans serving veterans, we are dedicated to ensuring Student Veterans get the most out of their hard-earned degrees. By applying Gainful Employment measurements equally to all schools, and by including appropriate calculations for critical mental health-related degree programs, we will ensure no Student Veteran is unprotected during their pursuit of higher education.

Some ill-intentioned universities have escaped accountability for far too long. These schools have made millions of dollars off of our Student Veterans, but have failed to provide the employment opportunities they promised and advertised. Meanwhile the Department of Education and Congress have turned a blind eye to these practices. For this reason, VEP applauds Secretary Cardona’s assertion that Gainful Employment measurements should be applied equally to all higher education institutions; public, private, for-profit, and non-profit alike.

We must protect our Veterans, as they have projected us. All institutions must be held to the same high standards of care and support for Student Veterans. The use of Gainful Employment measurements across all types of institutions will promote ethical practices and protect Student Veterans against predatory recruitment tactics. We thank the Department for its continued commitment to protecting Student Veterans, and we stand ready to offer any assistance the Department may need.

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