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Veterans Education Stories – Jason Oakes

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We’re traveling around the country talking with Student Veterans to learn more about their experiences transitioning into higher education and what it’s like using the GI Bill for education benefits they’ve earned. We’re sharing stories of Veterans in education and this is Jason’s experience:
“The only problem is, the benefits took a long time. My sophomore year, I was able to get a scholarship that paid for all of my schooling, so I didn’t have to rely on the VA benefits coming in on time to continue my education. But in addition to that, if I didn’t have that, I probably wouldn’t have been able to survive, I have my daughter, my kid, my wife–we’re living off of this money. The reason I joined the service is because I couldn’t do work and school at the same time, so now with the GI bill, I was like cool, they’re going to pay me, I’m going to school, that’s it. But that didn’t work out, and luckily enough, I was smart enough to get a scholarship to go with the GI bill. Other than that, it was too hard.” Jason Oakes
We’re working with the Department of Veterans Affairs and institutions of higher education all over the country to make the transition to civilian life in higher education easier for Student Veterans. We want to help Veterans like Jason and Paul, Simon, and many more! Learn more about the work we do to support Veterans! Photo by Gregory Ferko Photography.