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Veterans Education Stories – Minhal Shah

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We’re traveling all over the country talking to Student Veterans about what it’s like transitioning into civilian life and what Student Veterans add to the classroom and the workforce.  This is Minhal’s experience:

“Leadership is big. You can tell when you’re in a classroom or at work with a Veteran, someone that’s in the military, they’ll take on the leadership role, they’ll take on more work. Our work ethic is just above the bar, we don’t care if we get paid for 40 hours, we’re worried about getting the work done.” Minhal Shah

We’re working with the Department of Veterans Affairs and institutions of higher education all over the country to make the transition to civilian life in higher education easier for Student Veterans. We want to help Veterans like Minhal, Nate, Joseph and many more! Learn more about the work we do to support Veterans!

Photo by Gregory Ferko Photography.