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Full G.I. Bill Benefits for the National Guard

Yesterday, our nation celebrated the National Guard’s 385 years of service to the American people. Despite being older than the Constitution itself, this service branch does not always receive the recognition it deserves. This lack of recognition is made clear by the difference in G.I. Bill eligibility between members of the National Guard and those of other Service branches.

Unlike other branches, National Guard Servicemembers serve abroad as well as at home. At times of domestic crisis, politicians will often rely heavily upon the National Guard to perform any number of duties necessary to maintaining order. Covid has been no different in this regard and the National Guard has been on continuous duty since the beginning. Their members have had to set aside their jobs, educational pursuits, families, and more to answer the call. Yet even after all this, they will still not be eligible for the full G.I. Bill.

We believe it is time for members of the National Guard to receive the full recognition they deserve. This starts with granting them the same benefits as everybody else.

Listen to our Legislative Director, Donald Franklin, to learn more: