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VEP Gives Public Comments at the Negotiated Rulemaking Session

Its that time of year again: everyone’s favorite federal mechanism, the NegReg! If you don’t know what that is, check out our explanation on Negotiated Rulemaking.

This year, we’ve been invited back again to offer our comments and concerns on the new policy proposals by the Department of Education. We’re excited to share our perspective on the role of credible, unbiased research and data in policy-making. Over the years, we’ve seen some questionable legislative and policy decisions made with little to no research on the impacts they might have on Veteran students. From prospective changes to the so-called 90/10 rule, to potential regulations surrounding how Universities spend their funds, without properly studying the potential negative impacts they could have, we risk hurting the very students we are intending to help.

Everyone has heard the old phrase, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” That saying is even more relevant when it comes to uninformed policy decisions! We will always be committed to an agnostic data driven approach to policy-making.

Watch our chairman of the board, Daniel Elkins, at 2 pm Eastern push for more research in his public comment live! You can register to watch the stream here.